Our Mission:

To know jesus & make him known

Through Loving - We love God and love others. God matters most to us and to God others matter. So we place a high value on living dedicated to God’s will. We also place a high value on each and every person. Everyone is valuable in the eyes of God. 

Through Learning - The Bible is the proof text for living. We use it as a guide for all of our understanding about life, relationships, the world, and the life after this.

Through Serving - We didn’t arrive in this city to be served but to serve. We are constantly looking for opportunities to help the people of our city and the world we live in. It is a great honor to help others, and show those far from God how much He loves them. Through Sharing – The greatest thing we have to offer is the good news that God loves all people. This is the gospel, God’s story of His great love for us and His great sacrifice of His one and only Son.