GREATER is the name of our capital stewardship program. Our debt has served us well. It has enabled us to have the facilities that meet our current and foreseeable future needs. We knew the day would come that our debt would need to be eliminated in order that we may do the greater works of ministry for which our facilities were intended. 

That day has come.

Why are we doing this?

By eliminating the $3.4 million debt, we will release $26,000 per month or $312,000 per year. What great works of ministry, programming, personnel , building and mission endeavors could be done by directing the money, now paying down our debt, to these vital greater works? By eliminating our debt in 3 years, we will provide over $8 million dollars, total over the life of our loan, to our mission and ministry causes.


GREATER'S purpose is to raise additional funds, beyond our budget, that can be applied directly to the principal of our debt. Our goal is to eliminate our debt in 3 year or less. Each of us is invited to give prayerful consideration to a financial commitment over and above our current giving, that can be paid out over 3 years. Please join us in 21 days of prayer and fasting and  don't miss our upcoming 2-part series Greater, that starts Feb. 28, 2016.


Can I still give to the Establish Campus Campaign (EOCC)?

Not anymore. That campaign finished and was closed out last May. If you have continued to give to that account, the money has been applied accordingly but all future campaign funds will go to Greater!

Does Greater have anything to do with the Establish Our Central Campus Campaign? 

No it does not. It is a specific campaign designed to reduce the over all debt of ThatChurch.com

Are we still building the Central Campus on Oak Dale? 

We are not. The following are the reasons:

A lack of funds raised by the Establish Our Central Campus campaign was the first hurdle that could not simply be over come. The Campaign raised just enough money to create the designs, and pay the option payment nothing more. 

The economy’s crash skyrocketed the construction costs to well over $14 million for a building that originally was estimated to cost $6 million. The bid cost of $14 million was more than double what ThatChurch.com could afford.

The street improvements on Oak Dale were to include four lanes of traffic and a turn lane. The City changed its position on those improvements and allowed the developers to install a two-lane highway with a turn lane. Our architects and engineers agreed that the traffic flow for the Central Campus at it’s capacity would more than overwhelm such a small road. The only other option would be to expand the road at the expense of ThatChurch.com. The property dedicated to the expanded road and construction cost would put that one project in the $500,000 range. 

What will happen to the land on Oak Dale? 

ThatChurch.com owned the option to purchase the 50 acres on Oak Dale, that option ran out January 2016 and has since been placed back on the market.

Will we build a larger campus in the future? 

 Possibly. We own the plans for the Central Campus; those plans can be built at anytime on another location however we are embracing our current plan, which is reducing our debt and working to fill the newly created space in our Sherwood campus.

What happened to the money given to the Central Campus? 

 $260,000 was raised by the Establish Our Central Campus Campaign

$130,000 was paid for Architectural plans (which we own)

$190,000 was paid towards the land option costs, surveys, dirt evaluations, permits, etc.

That means we actually spent $60,000 over what was given to the Central Campus

Were any of the funds given to Establish Our Central Campus used on the Sherwood expansion? 

No, as you can see in the figures above the general fund supplemented the Establish Our Central Campus fund $60,000.