THE DANIEL FAST will be participating in the fast starting Feb. 15 - March 6.

During these 21 days, we will be intentional as a church to pray during the fast. 

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  • About the Daniel Fast

    The concept of a Daniel fast comes from Daniel 1:8-14. It’s a partial fast of eating only fruits and vegetables for a certain amount of time and abstaining from sugar, dairy and meat products. Most people use this method of fasting for 21 consecutive days. 

    For more ideas on what to eat, click here

  • draw closer to god

    Entering into a period of extended prayer and fasting is like pushing the “pause button” on life so you can draw nearer to God. The Holy Spirit joins you in this experience as you open your heart to receive from the Lord.


    You have a choice when you fast. You can focus on the food and matters of the flesh, or, you can enter into a deep spiritual experience with the Lord so He can work in your life and on your behalf. Don’t settle for less by catering to the flesh. Instead reach out for the best and allow God to work in you.